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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  June 12, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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the physical trauma but the emotional trauma who will extend to everyone watching the media coverage of this. we're all experiencing a certain degree of psychological trauma. >> thank you very much. we'll wrap up right now. we'll have a special 20/20 tonight at 10:00 on this carnage. to recap, 50 dead. 53 injured in the worst shooting in american history in orlando overnight. the gunman has been shot as well. the gunman killed. they believe, police believe and officials believe he acted alone, but searching now for ties to isis. treating this as a domestic terror incident. his name there, omar mateen. u.s. citizen, 29 now. stay on top of this. get all the latest news at i'm george stephanopoulos.
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bang bang sounds like something did come out, you turn around the person next to you like screaming, there was blood splattering, i didn't know if it was mine or somebody else. we consider this an act of terrorism. we are investigating this as an act of terrorism. scene of chaos and bloodshed at a florida nightclub, scores dead and many wounded it is being called the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. we continue to follow breaking news out of the orlando. the attack killed 50 people and left 53 others injuries.
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9 gunman was killed in the shootout with police his name is omar mateen from port st. lucie, florida. trish hartman is with us in the sat center, this is more heartbreaking, 50 people lost their lives. >> reporter: the gunman has been identified as omar mateen of port st. lucie, florida, 100 miles south of orlando. he is a u.s.-born citizen. some of the his family members are from afghanistan. the fbi is investigating to find out if the mass shooting is an act of terrorism or hate crime. police have found no evidence that anyone else is involved with the shooting. officials are saying 50 people are dead and 53 wounded. police are around 2:00 a.m., omar mateen exchanged gunfire with police and went into the club and started shooting and taking hostage. approximate a.m., a s.w.a.t team
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went into rest rescue the hostages. the omar mateen was killed in a shootout with the officers. you could see people being carried out of the club to area hospitals. we heard about the recently declared state of emergency for the city of orlando in order to bring in additional resources to deal with the aftermath of the shooting. the mayor said the hot line has been set up for concerned family members to call as official try to identify the dead and reunite victims with their loved ones. police are going through omar mateen's home and talk to neighbors as they try to determine a motive for the shooting. live in the sat center, trish hartman. developing news we just learned that president obama will be speaking at 1:30 p.m. about the shooting in orlando. witnesses inside the nightclub were talking about what they saw
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and how they reacted when the gunman opened fire. it was 2:00 a.m., i don't know where you could hear the outbreak of gunfire. everybody who was on the dance floor in the bar area went out to the floor and i guess the shooter was maybe shooting, he was shooting at people and maybe at the ceiling because glass was coming down and there was a brief pause in the shooting, so some of us werp -- we were close to the door that leads ton e -- to an outdoor patio, we were able to make the it outside and found an exit on the fence. we were able to to go out. shots started, everybody face to the ground and just looking for a way out, i was able to make it home safely and people that were
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running out of the club, some of young ladies asked me if i spoke spanish, i said yeah, so they tag along with me, we were able to get a ride from someone else, because we had our cars with the valet at the club. but it was a kind person that took us home and we were able to get home safely. more bracing news to tell you about -- more breaking news, we have just gotten a picture of the suspect in the particular shooting, that is a picture of the omar mateen the man who went inside the pulse nightclub in orlando and responsible for the deaths of 50 people. he was born in the u.s., his patterns were born in afghanistan. he is 29 years old, he is a u.s.-born citizen, his parents are from afghanistan. he was previously known to authorities, they did not have him targeted for any specific
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education. omar mateen 29 years old identified as the gunman. one woman said see received a text for her son hiding in the bathroom and asked him to call police. the last message said he is coming. the woman told george stephanopoulos an hour ago she has not had any contact with her son and desperately trying to find out if he survived the attack. we want to go to a former deputy director of homeland security, jack, thank you for joining us. thank you. authorities believe the gunman omar mateen was a lone wolf. what can law enforcement do to finder other lone wofs who might have -- wolves who might have a similar identity. it's hard to identify the people who are lone wolves. a lot of the people operate
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below the radar screen. unless they start basically socializing their feelings or their intent, it is very difficult for law enforcement or the intelligence community to find these people because it could be you or i, they are sitting there reading information on the internet, they are becoming self radicalized, they decide to go operational, they don't tell anybody. when that happens it's almost impossible to get a beeld on the people. -- bead on the people. what do you say to people who are afraid to go anywhere particularly to go to places with the big crowds. we have the philly pride parade in philadelphia, i hate to see people stay away, but i understand people concerns. i counsel people all the time about this, you should travel. remember the idea behind
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terrorism is to erode the confidence that we have in our society and change our way of life. certainly if individuals feel that it's difficult for them it's unsafe for them to associate which of course is the constitutional right of american citizens, the terrorists have won. people ask should i travel to the middle east. i say salute you should go. i -- absolutely you shoulding. i travel controversy -- shurbled shurbled -- you should go. i travel overseas a lot. when you go you're extra vigilant, what do you suggest to people? nypt use a phrase, if you see something say something, if there's something that's odd don't take risks, there are
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certain places in the world i would not travel to, or if i did i would be extremely vigilant. you have to use your common sense. something that happened in orlando very difficult to see and predict. i tell people to go about your daily life. and not let these things which are rare and tragic impede you in the enjoyment of your life. jack as you know this is called the worst terror attack in the u.s. since 9/11. walk us through this, in this kinds of incidents police are looking for suspects, right now they are not looking for suspects, they believe the threat is over, but in terms of the of the suspect, what happens next here. sure, gray that's a great question. that's what's happening now, police will go through the
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forensic flalsz of the crime. -- analysis of the crime. they want to find occupant omar mateen got -- out how omar mateen got radicalized. it doesn't appear there were any coconspirators or support network behind him. they will go into his computer and go to his cell phone and mine data. what sites did he go 0 to, i heard that he pledged allegiance to isis. was there an operative overseas that he might have been in contact with, all these are relevant questions, even though the threat is over, now it's time to figure out on you this guy got to do what he did. no matter what he was involved with, we want to know about it.
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thank you for answering the questions today. today was supposed to be a celebration of the gay rights in philadelphia. the community has come far, but when you see things like this happen, senseless killings for absolutely no reason, an attack on our community, we have not come as far as we thought we did. i'm not sure why so many would have that much hate go in randomly an shoot tons of innocent people. i don't know what the motive is, but we're saddened by it, as the numbers keep climbing we're in shock. our thoughts go out to the victims families and friends. we hope the tragedies ends, because the gun violence in the country is absolutely
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horrifying. hearts are heavy across the country today him. members of the gay community and others gathered for the parade said the shootings have filled them are with grief. of course, this attack comes one day after south jersey native christina grimmie was shot and killed in an orlando club. police say there was no indication that the two attacks are related. they say that christina grimmie had finished a concert and signed autographs for fans when she was shot by cerchl loibl of -- kevin loibl of st. petersburg, florida, it is believe he went there to kill christina grimmie. stay with "action news" and for more on the developments of the breaking news stories coming in from orlando. we'll have live reports as the information comes into the newsroom. in other news this noon, a three-alarm apartment building
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fire left 100 people without a place to live. the netherlands apartments on the 4300 block of chestnut street. fire officials say they contained the blaze to the 4th floor of the buildings mid section. a shelter was set up on the 4200 block of ludlow street. fire commissioner said the firefighters did a wonderful job containing the fire. this is one of the most incredible fire stops i've ever seen. no injuries or fatalities no injuries to our firefighters. l&i will be out to determine if many of the residents can return to their apartments. the fire marshal is trying to determine the cause. there is much more to come on sunday edition of "action news." "action news" reporter, trish tresh has a live -- trish hartman has a live update on the
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ambush inside the orlando nightclub. meteorologist chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when we come back to "action news."
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we want to take you back to our breaking news out of the orlando, 50 people confirmed dead and dozens more wounded in what authorities are calling a case of domestic terrorism and the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. happened inside a nightclub, trish hartman has more. politicians are reacting. >> reporter: many politicians are expressing their
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condolences. presumptive republican presidential nominee, donald trump, saying when will we get tough and vigilant. hillary clinton said. marko rubio tweeted -- he tweeted about the need for blood to help the wounded after this mass shooting, more than 50 injured. pennsylvania governor tom wolf was tweeting he not only sent his condolences, he tweeted he is in touch with pennsylvania state police and homeland security to monitor any potential threats that may be made to the keystone state. 50 people were killed in the mass shooting at the pulse
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nightclub in orlando, the shooter, omar mateen was killed by officers. trish hartman channel 6 "action news." we want to show you a picture of the gunman omar mateen 29 years old, u.s.-born citizen, his parents are from afghanistan. he was living in port st. lucie county in florida. he was previously known to authorities, but not targeted in any investigation. this is omar mateen identified as the gunman. is youman your play and leave the -- as you plan your day and leave the house, meteorologist chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: it's a little breezy out there, i hope you hunkered down the the trash cans. winds are wipg -- whipping around 35 miles per hour. the cold front has swept through, humidity levels continue to decrease and it's turning out to be a gorgeous day around around the delaware and lehigh valley. philadelphia, 89 degrees, dewpoint, 56. that's a nice drop this is all
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the way into the mid to upper 60s first thing this morning. it's coming down considerably. pressure is falling. look at the winds out of the west/northwest at 28 miles per hour. those are sustained. look at the gusts. 37 in wilmington, 35 in millville. 26 in trenton. reading, 30. poconos, 32 miles per hour out of the west, if you have not already done so, lawn furniture, loose objects tighten them up, or you run the risk of losing them in the wind. temperatures climbed higher than what was forecasted, bus stop the humidity dropped off further than what we were forecasterring, kind of like good news bad news. dover, 90. 83 in allentown. 70 in the poconos. take a look at the dewpoints. these numbers to the north are lower than what's going on right now in las vegas. they talk about how it's hot out there, but it's a dry heat.
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the numbers are lower. this is the northwestern suburbs, dewpoint, 39 in reading. sticky in south jersey and especially the jersey shore with the dewpoints close to 70. the numbers drop into the 40s and 50s, first thing tomorrow morning very refreshing, open the windows and enjoy the comfortable breeze. the upper level low is coming out of the canada, this is a canadian air mass that will set up shop through wednesday afternoon. sunny and windy, lowering humidity levels, 90 degrees, we'll pretty much there now, we'll plateau before dropping down after 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m. winds out of the northwest at 30 to 35 miles per hour. jersey shore, 88 degrees, no sea breeze, a lands breeze. sunny and windy, turning less humid, ocean temperature, 63. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, much better tomorrow, breezy and pleasant it
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will be a struggle to reach 80 degrees, most of the time we're in the 70s, just about the majority of the viewing area will be stuck in the 70s. monday is a winner, tuesday another winning day, sun and clouds, no humidity, 83 degrees wednesday, another nice afternoon. wednesday night into thursday, we see wet weather pull through, the latest midday update shows the wet weather lingering now right into friday morning, so a couple of showers possible, friday cloudy, 78. saturday, sunny and 82. also the heat for the end of next week into the following week on track, as well. thank you chris. we'll be back in just a moment.
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so glad you stayed with us, 12:23, two women are recovering after being slashed by a man with a box knife on a crowded center city street. police say the man was wearing a
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dress and got into an altercation with the women around 2:00 a.m. at 1st and locust. the man pulled out a box knife and slashed the women. the suspect took off and both victims were taken to the hospital in stable condition. police say they know who the suspect is and they are searching for him. several people facing charges after fights break -- broke out on south street. police say large crowds swarmed the area. officers had to be called in to calm things down. police closed south street at south 7th and took several people into custody. septa riders can buy new transit cards. up to ten thousand riders can buy passes. it works like an e-z pass on subway lines and suburban bus routes and trolleys.
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broadway philadelphia is set tow close its season with an original broadway hit that is taking the nation by storm once again, karen rogers has this week's 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: if then, a contemporary new musical tells the story of a divorceee trying to rebuild her life in new york city. from the creators of next to normal and the producers of wicked if then is a modern production that explores life's
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journey in a unique way. it's about the choices the woman made in her life. >> reporter: superstar played the lead character elizabeth. the role is jackie burns who lives out two parallel lives on stage. she is stuck in a story line and live in another. these choices she makes impacts loved ones and friends. >> reporter: the show day brewed on broadway in 2013 and was nominated for two tony awards one for original best score. the number that the lead character beth sings calling always starting over. it's a powerful, powerful ballad. it's very much a show that people identify with the
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characters on stage. it's a relatable show. >> reporter: if then plays at the academy of music from the 21st to the 26th. for tickets go to the arts in or 6abc loves the arts for other area events. for 6abc loves the arts i'm karen rogers. we learned that the tony award show is tonight they are dedicating the show to the victims of the orlando massacre. we'll keep you posted on the developing story in the next half-hour. here's the stories we're working on for you, the number of dead has reached 50 at an orlando gay club, trish hartman has more on what we know about the gunman. the massacre has turned the gay pride parade into a somber memorial for the dead. those stories and more when "action news" continues. we continue to cover our
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breaking news, a shooting at a nightclub in orlando, florida, overnight has become the worst mass shooting in american history. we know at least 50 people are dead, 53 more injured after a gunman went inside a nightclub and started shooting. we learned that president obama is expected to speak in an hour about this tragedy. we've also just learned that florida's governor has declared
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a state of emergency in the aftermath of the shooting in orlando. "action news" reporter, trish hartman has been following the breaking news all morning long and joins us live in the satellite center with more what is the latest? >> reporter: the statewide state of emergency in addition to the state of emergency for the city of orlando to bring in more resources in the aftermath of the shooting. 50 people dead, 50 or more injured. the gunman is omar mateen of port st. lucie, florida, law enforcement officials say he is a u.s.-born citizen. his parents are from afghanistan. the fbi is investigating to find out if the mass shooting is an act of terrorism or hate crime. so far police have found that no evidence that anyone else is involved. police say around 2:00 a.m., they exchanged gunfire and went into the club and started shooting and taking hostages. three hours later, s.w.a.t team
12:33 pm
went in to rescue the hostages. the gun pan was killed in the -- gunman was killed in a shootout with the officers. that's that's the latest from "action news." trish hartman channel 6 "action news." the suspect was killed in the shooting, this man, 289-year-old man from port st. lucie florida walked into the nightclub and started shooting. 50 people are dead and police are going through the rigorous task of doing background checking on the suspect to see what they can find out about him, we'll keep you posted throughout the day. we continue to hear from the people inside the nightclub. witnesses have been describing the chaos, bloodshed and terror when the gunman opened fire. some described it as a scene from a horror movie. when i looked behind me, i
12:34 pm
noticed that it wasn't just the song there was bodies falling down, the guy next to me was shot, that's when i dropped, i made sure to crawl my way out. bystanders helped carry some of the wounded to triage area that was set up across the street. thousand haves answered the call for blood donations in the aftermath of the shooting. this is a long line of people waiting to donate in orlando. they showed up after a tweet from senator marko rubio saying blood donations were needed. those who gathered for the philly gay pride parade were shocked, dwight evans is walking in the parade. he said we should all be concerned about such killings. there's no question, it's tragic particularly with what is happening today, people are out having a good time they should
12:35 pm
not have been to be concerned about that, they should be concerned about the part about having a good time. when that violence is something that can affect all of us, we all need to stand together we all are in this together. the reality is something that happens to one individual it happens to all of us. one member of the gay community tells "action news" the community has come far, but today's massacre is another reminder i it has not yet come far enough stay with "action news" an for the latest on the deadly nightclub shooting we'll have constant updates throughout the day as they become available. our website has a slide show with pictures from the scene available right now at "action news" reporter, chad perdelli is on the his way to orlando, be sure to watch for his live report. the horrific shooting at the orlando nightclub comes 24 hours after a shooting that claimed the life of a burlington county native. the two are not connected.
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the south jersey community where christina grimmie lived is mourning her death. eva pilgrim has more on the suspect and his possible motive. >> reporter: this morning fans grieving as we find out more about what happened to rising pop star christina grimmie. the former voice contest ante gunned down after this performance in orlando friday night. police have now identified the shooter as 27-year-old kevin games loibl just hours before her death, christina grimmie posting this call out on social media. please come to the show if you live near orlando. >> reporter: after the concert 20 vips getting up close and person with the star for a meet and greet. these moments capturing these moments. the gunshots pop pop pop pop. >> reporter: the suspects armed with two gunnels and a knife according to police shooting grimmie her brother tackling him
12:37 pm
to the ground before he turned the gun on himself. adam lavine tweeting absolutely devastated and heartbroken, nick jonas posted #rest in peace. selina gomez dedicated a song to the star let in her show. many turning to christina grimmie's own words for comfort. eva pilgrim channel 6 "action news." also at noon a three-alarm apartment building fire in west philadelphia has left more than 100 people without a place to live. the action cam was at the scene this morning the netherlands apartment on 4300 block of chestnut street. firefighters say they were able to contain the fire to the 4th
12:38 pm
floor of the building's 6 sections. red cross set up a temporary shelter on ludlow street. the commissioner said firefighters did a remarkable job of containing the fire. while i'm early in my time in philadelphia, i've been to a number of fires, i can tell you i've billion all over the county this is one of the most incredible fire symptoms i've ever seen. so far there are no injuries, no fatalities no injuries to our firefighters. we've learned that l&i crews will be out today to determine if the residents can return to their apartments. the fire marshal is trying to determine the cause of the fire. much more to come on "action news" sunday. trish hartman is live with more details on the massacre of the orlando gay nightclub. taking live look at sky6 live hd. meteorologist chris sowers will have the full accuweather forecast when "action news" continues. so glad you stayed with us
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we continue to follow breaking news at noon. at least 50 people are dead, 53
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others are injured after a shooting inside of an orlando nightclub. it happened overnight. dpb officials are investigating this as a terror attack. the worst in america since 9/11. trish hartman joins us live from the satellite center with the latest. >> reporter: local hospitals have been overwhelmed with patients. hospital staff working with local officials to identify the victims and reunite patients with family members. police say they are processes the scene at pulse a popular gay nightclub in orlando where many victims are inside. the alleged gunman dead has been identified as omar mateen of port st. lucie in florida. just after the shooting victims were carried out of the nightclub, some were 4e7d -- helped by fellow patrons, we heard from a surgeon from the orlando medical hospital about
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how many patients they treated. we have spent the morning operating on a number of victims. we continue to operate on them. we have found many of them are critically ill saturday of their injuries. hot line has been established for folks who may be concerned about their loved ones down in orlando as officials work to identify the victims. live in the sat center trish hartman channel 6 "action news." thank you for the update. a lot of people are checking in on facebook, too that's a good thing to do. turning to accuweather we're going from sticky to comfortable. it's feeling more comfortable. let's get you outside live in atlantic city, we're rocking and rolling here, windy are humming anywhere from 245 to 35 miles per hour -- 25 to 35 miles per hour at this midday hour. the good news it is ushering in
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cooler, drier air. 90 degrees is the forecasted high today. we're sitting at 89. so we've upped the numbers a little, starting out at 77 degrees. if you didn't see this this morning, let me explain what happened yesterday we were forecasting the possibility of 0 to 70-mile an hour wind gusts with thunderstorms, we didn't pick up a single thunderstorm. let me show you what happened. here's philadelphia here, what we were forecasting for a lot of intense heat to crawl up the mid atlantic which we had. temperatures climbed to 92. it felt like 96 or 97. then comings this guy, an upper level peels of energy. it was the slam into the hot, juicy air mass you get a sudden explosion and thunderstorm. that's what was forecasted to happen. here's what happened. philadelphia again, the heat was in place, it was toasty, it was the hottest day of the year so far. this upper level low actually decided to march east and it never pushed into that warm,
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soupy air. there was no connection between the two. actually it turned out to be a gorgeous day with wall-to-wall sunshine. just a couple of puffy cumulus clouds and temperatures in the 90s. beautiful start to the weekend. now the upper level low is pushing through, so the warm soupy air will continue on its journey to the south. this is bone-dry right here. this air mass drier than what's going on in las vegas. this front here will continue to travel to the south over the next 12 to 24 hours. monday looks great behind the front. tuesday, wednesday, look really, really nice and thursday and friday we see the next system approach that could bring wet weather to the area. wind gusts out of the west in philadelphia, 37 in millville. poconos, 32. trenton, 87. millville, a heat index of 91 feels like 94 in dover. watch what happens behind this front these are items you can
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see the yellows and oranges here, 60s and 70s. watch this collapse to the south. 7:00 p.m. later on is when you start to notice the changes here and then overnight tonight we're suddenly down into the 50s for overnight lows. it's going to feel really, really nice out there. it's humid now across south jersey and delaware, but again things are starting to change. it feels great north and west, sunny and windy that's the call from accuweather the rest of the afternoon. lowering humidity levels, 90-degree is the forecasted high, wind out of the northwest at 20 to 30 miles per hour. every now and then you pick up a gust at 35. jersey shore, sunny and windy, humid now. after 2, 3:00 p.m., you notice the change in humidity. 88 degrees on the sand. ocean temperature, 63. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, looking good, the remainder of the afternoon. tomorrow looks great, 08. sun and clouds, tuesday, 78 degrees. wednesday, nice, partly sunny, 83. wednesday night into thursday, that next system from the plains
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swings on through, it's a somewhat slow mover, we could see rain on thursday, and maybe leftover showers on friday, saturday looks nice, sunny and 82. you can find the seven-day forecast and live look at storm tracker 6 live double scan radar at any time of day on our website head to
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we continue to cover our breaking news though,, 350 people are dead -- 50 people are dead, 53 wounded. fbi are trying to figure out why the suspect omar mateen drove two hours from port st. lucie county to the pulse nightclub. he exchanged fire with police and went inside the nightclub and started shooting. omar mateen was killed during a shootout with an orlando s.w.a.t team. president obama is receiving
12:49 pm
constant updates on the situation. and tom wolf tweeted his condolences and prayers to the victims and their families. a number of trauma units were needed to treat the wounded. the victims have been taken to the hospital, there were trauma surgeons working to save lives all through the night. that work continues and family members are gathering at the hospital to provide some kind of relief and support for those who made it through. the fbi is calling this an act of domestic terrorism. they are looking into the possibility that omar mateen had ties to radical islam. chad perdelli is on his way to florida this afternoon. he'll have updates later on on "action news." florida governor rick scott is calling the shooting at the gay orlando nightclub heart
12:50 pm
wrenching. he asked people to donate blood. people began showing up after a tweet from marko rubio saying blood donations are needed. phillies are hoping to avoid a sweep when they wrap up their series with the nationals today. sheers jeff skeverski with all your sunday sports. >> reporter: what in the world is going on in washington? and i am not talking about the presidential race, but the race in the nl east. the phillies can all but concede they have lost five straight to the nationals and season worse nine games out of first place. aaron nola won't get elect to do an all star game if he keeps pitching like this against the nationals. his teammates is trying to get him out of the jam. nats rally continues, a bat around in the second, michael
12:51 pm
taylor, rbi single. phils fell behind 3-zip. bryce harper, rbi single. nola is pulled before the 4th. the shortest start of his clear. phils lost 14 of their last 18 games. adam morgan on the mound as they try to avoid the sweep. cliff dempsey and the u.s.a. men soccer team only need a point to advance to the quarter finals of copa america. they were e they were not playing paraguay after a draw. they were kicking and screaming for u.s.a. soccer. 27th minute they pick it up. a great set up for clifer dempsey, the -- cliff dempsey, the one timer, score. the red, white and blue protected that lead despite
12:52 pm
multiple yellow cards. u.s.a. won 1-nill to advance to the quarter finals. u.s.a. has won five of their last 6 matches. who said belmont stakes would be abore without a triple crown. did you here the down the stretch yesterday. these two come to the line together too close to call. >> reporter: creator won the belmont stakes. creator the third horse to win a leg of the triple crown, nyquist did not run. update on the mass shooting in orlando, we'll check in with trish hartman when we come are right back. hi, anne.
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to address the nation about the attack inside the pulse nightclub. we want to give you an update. this has been called the worse mass shooting in american history. 50 people killed and 53 wounded. fbi is calling this a terror attack, trish hartman joins us live from the satellite center with an update. >> reporter: gray, that gunman has been identified, authorities have said omar mateen, 29 years old, port st. lucie, florida, law enforcement say he is a u.s.-born citizen.
12:56 pm
his family is from afghanistan. the fbi is investigating if this shooting is a affect of terrorism or hate -- as an act of terrorism or hate crime. he went into the nightclub and started shooting and taking hostages. approximate hours later, a swat -- 3 hours later a s.w.a.t team went in to rescue the hostages. police are at his home talking to neighbors trying to figure out a motive. police are working at pulse nightclub, a popular gay nightclub in orlando where victims are still inside the club. a state of emergency has been declared for the state of florida and the city of orlando as officials work to bring in more resources to deal with the aftermath of the shooting. trish hartman channel 6 "action news." thank you so much for that
12:57 pm
update. turning to accuweather. it's getting nicer. >> reporter: it's good day to fly a kite, too. the forecast for the rest of the afternoon, high temperatures top out around 90 degrees within the next hour or two. and slowly drift off during the afternoon hours. 83 by 6:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m., 78 degrees, another thing you'll immediately notice it feels better than yesterday, the humidity has already dropped off. it's humid down the shore and delaware, it will drop off there, as well. 90 degrees, 80 tomorrow and refreshing, next three days look great, enjoy it. thank you, chris. another abc news special report is next. we should mention our chad perdelli is heading to orlando. you should look for his live report. president obama is expected to speak about the massacre in orlando in about 30 minutes. he has offered resources from the federal government to the folks in orlando. mayor jim kenny is sending
12:58 pm
out a tweet from the city of brotherly love our hearts go out to the orlando and other members of the lgbt community today. "action news" continues at 6:00 p.m. tune into the latest on what has become the deadliest shooting in u.s. history. for gray hall, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm in an -- nydia han, have a nice sunday.
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
coming up, breaking newews unfolding today in orlando. overnight, 2:00 a.m., the deadliest mass shooting in american history. it all unfolded at the pulse nightclub in orlando. you see it right there. that is the scene last night. when omar mateen, a 29-year-old american citizen of afghani heritage, went in there armed with an assault rifle, well prepared, and a handgun, and began to shoot sustained bursts of gunfire. at the end, 50 people have been killed, 53 injured. as i said, the largest mass shooting in american history. the worst terror attack in the united states since 9/11. hostages were also taken.


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